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10/14/17 -
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Want to Verify a Shorthand Reporter's License?

Shorthand reporters are licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection.


Occupational Licensing Division

Department of Consumer Protection

165 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, Connecticut  06106-1630

Phone: 860-713-6135


To verify a freelance reporter's license, visit:
Need to apply for your Shorthand Reporter License?
Click the link below to download and print an application:
if you need to to renew your Shorthand Reporter License,
 click this link below
Need to apply for, renew or update your Notary Public appointment?
To file a formal complaint with the Board of Examiners, you need to send it in writing to:  Dept. of Consumer Protection, 165 Captiol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06016-1630. 
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